Friday, February 17, 2017

"Man and The Moon" Disney classroom guide (1958)

The second of the Disney classroom guides to their "Science-factual" films.

Man and the Moon was first shown on Disneyland on December 28 1955. It also became a comic book and was a 1959 classroom text.  For the influence of this and other Disney films I strongly recommend this article (which even mentions this pamphlet):

"The Disney-Von Braun Collaboration and Its Influence on Space Exploration"
by Mike Wright, Marshall Space Flight Center Historian

Friday, February 10, 2017

"Man in Space" Disney classroom guide (1958)

Man in Space was broadcast on Disneyland March 9, 1955 (USA). It went on to have a 1956 comic book, a classroom text in 1959, and a theatrical release in 1956 alongside Davy Crockett and the River Pirates.

It was also released overseas. (see this rare 1958 Japanese advertisement)

So this is about the 2nd life of the film as a classroom documentary. As the Space Race began in earnest it was re-released and marketed to educators as a way to teach children about their future. to go along with this film was this rare classroom guide.  It probably was intended to accompany their 1959 classroom books. 

I have found guides for all 3 of the Disney space films and will share them through the rest of Feb.  I know that you may already be familiar with the film but I really enjoy how they intended to engage students in learning about what they are seeing and preparing for their future.

 These visionary questions are very interesting:

"After man reaches other planets, is it conceivable that people of Earth will be drawn closer together?"

"How likely is it that present barriers between nations will tend to break down as contacts with other planets develop?"

Friday, February 3, 2017

Disney Man in Flight (1957)

To start off we need to fly before we can "rocket" so here is a Disney comic based on their "Man in Flight" documentary.

It was an episode on the Disneyland television show. It aired on March 6, 1957.

It was released also as a comic book: 1957, Dell no.836.  (Yes I know this is a pretty beat-up copy)

It was also converted into a school text, (which I blogged about here: )

 Most of it (obviously) is about the story of airplanes and flight.  But as part of the series it showed how aerospace exploration was leading to jets and rockets in the near future.  This front page makes it explicit:

 Since the style of the film mixed animation with real life, the style of illustrations also cahge panel to panel and page to page.

 "But eyes are still on tomorrow..."

And a lovely final panel.  More Disney in space next week!

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Happy"blogiversary" to me!

This is beginning my 8th year of blogging about these space books. In the next month or 2 (according to Blogger stats) I will be up to 1 million pageviews! Currently I am at around 980,000 but usually get around 15-20 thousand pageviews per month. 

Google Analytics may be more realistic (currently 
186,836 users have had 507,322 pageviews) so I just missed celebrating the 500,000 mark 😎

I will be sharing some "Disney in space" stuff this month to celebrate.

Thanks for the comments and the continued interest. I am really happy to know there are others out there who find this stuff amazing.